A-Frame Vertical Garages

A-Frame Vertical Steel Garages

Our A-Frame Vertical garages go beyond the benefits of our A-Frame horizontal garages. The vertical roof strengthens the already strong steel structure. Having a vertical design forces snow, ice, rain accumulation, and debris to slide off the roof. This lessens the likelihood that you’ll encounter roof leaks anytime throughout the lifespan of your steel garage.

As an option, you can add vertical ends and sides to optimize the strength of your steel garage. You can also choose to add optional features like windows, a walk-in or roll-up door (or both), or full or partial insulation.

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With a custom A-Frame vertical garage, you can opt for 12-gauge steel instead of the standard 14-gauge steel for your structure. By doing so, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty. If you live in a place where severe and unpredictable weather is typical, the added strength of our 12-gauge steel may make sense.

Other garage options from which you can choose include:

  • Certification (to ensure that your structure satisfies local building code requirements.)
  • Adjustments to the pitch (from the standard 3/12.)
  • Extending the roof height to give you more clearance (for bigger vehicles.)
  • The option of adding concrete or mobile home anchors.
  • Gabled ends ( for a stronger roof and to add architectural interest and appeal.)
  • Choosing your garage color from our broad selection of heavy duty outdoor color options.

When you buy an A-Frame Vertical garage from us, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are purchasing a product that was made by the most experienced steel building craftsmen, and you’re getting a solid structure that is built to last. Your purchase comes with free delivery and installation, and we can install your garage in the ground or over concrete. Get a free quote today!

Free Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery and installation, but you’ll have to prepare the ground at the installation site before we deliver your new steel building and prepare to install it. You’ll need to ensure that the ground is flat and level.