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Whether you own one or more vehicles that you want to protect from lousy weather, or need a place to store your lawn equipment, a steel garage is an excellent alternative to a traditional garage. We can help you customize your new garage so that it serves every purpose for which you intend to use it.

Our team will help you maximum the possible square footage while providing superior structural strength, durability, and affordability. With Steel Building Empire, you don’t have to sacrifice on durability or quality because we give you those things and more, and the cost of our steel garages won’t break the bank.

And we can install your custom steel garage in the ground, even cement.

Our steel garages come in two styles: A-Frame Horizontal and A-Frame Vertical. The A-Frame Horizontal design is also called a boxed-eave style. The A-Frame Vertical style has a stronger roof, so that may be a better option for people who live in places where frequent heavy rain and snow storms could cause roof leaks.

Our steel garages can be customized with features like roll-up or walk-in doors, windows, and insulation. They  work for a variety of functional purposes, but beyond their functionality, they are so visually attractive that they will enhance your property’s curb appeal. Ultimately, your investment in one of our A-Frame steel garages can increase the value of your property. See some examples below and contact our sales team for a quote.

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