Clear-Span Steel Buildings

Clear-Span buildings are true to their name in that they have no columns or any other means of support that would otherwise obstruct the interior space. There are no legs to support the roof or get in the way, allowing the interior of the building to be completely open. The Clear-Span design is one that interprets the concept of an “open plan” literally.

The web trusses are made up of welded triangular pieces. It takes a forklift to put the trusses in place so professional welders can secure them with bolts. Our Clear-Span steel buildings are made of galvanized steel.

Clear-Span buildings can form the basis for large carports to protect semi-trucks and buses, and to serve as the shell for warehouses, workshops, or aircraft hangers. Clear-Span steel buildings are the ideal solution for businesses that need a space that is entirely open.

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Fast Delivery at No Charge

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Superior Craftsmanship

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High-Quality Materials



Building Sizes

  • There is no limit as to the length of Clear-Span building.
  • The limit for the width of a Clear-Span building is 80 feet.

Add-on Options and Features

These features are not standard on any of our Clear-Span buildings, but they’re available as options. Add-on extras will have an impact on the final purchase price.

  • Windows
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Roll-up doors (in commercial sizes)
  • Interior Panels
  • Transparent Panels
  • Insulation

We will help you customize a Clear-Span building that will include any or all of these extra features.


Our Clear-Span steel buildings use web truss engineering to eliminate the need for columns, and the structure must be built on a cement foundation.


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