Steel Loafing Sheds

Few buildings on farms or ranches are used to the extent that loafing sheds are. The term “Loafing Shed” may be unfamiliar, but the phrase is synonymous with the term “stable.” These structures are among the most vital of all the outbuildings that are found on any farm or ranch.

Traditional loafing sheds used to be made of wood. But today, steel building distributors like Steel Building Empire offer affordable state-of-the-art loafing sheds with every custom feature you could hope to have. We use mobile home anchors to secure loafing sheds to the ground, and concrete anchors or bolts to secure loafing sheds to cement.

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Custom Loafing Sheds For Any Need

Kick walls are a must have if the loafing shed will ever be used for animals. The kick walls create a barrier that prevents the animals (or equipment) from rubbing up against the steel.

Gabled ends are an option for farmers who want to provide their animals with a sun shield during the day. The gables act as a rain guard that redirects rain (or snow) away from the roof as well.

Center Poles are a critical addition if the opening of the loafing shed exceeds the standard maximum of 15 feet. The poles provide required extra support to hold the roof up.

A Tack or Saddle Room is another feature we can give you in a loafing shed allowing you to store all your saddles and equipment in an organized fashion.