Horse Stalls and Shelters

Steel horse stalls offer horse owners an affordable and convenient way to provide horses with protection from the hot sun or severe weather. Although they share some features of loafing sheds such as the kick walls, they offer greater flexibility regarding the design and functions they serve. We can customize a steel horse stall that allows you to keep your horses in individual stalls, whether for feeding, grooming or medical treatment. Steel horse shelters are useful at county and state fairs or at rodeos where it is crucial to separate the horses before events.

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for horse stalls as a way to house horses for breeding, commercial sale, competitive events, or use on your ranch, we can help you find or customize horse stalls that give you every must-have feature you need. You can feel confident in knowing that we only sell steel structures that meet our exacting demands for quality craftsmanship, durability, security, and functionality. When you come to Steel Building Empire, you’ll get a steel horse shelter that fulfills your needs at a budget that you can afford. Contact us today for more information.

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