Agricultural Buildings

Steel Agricultural Buildings

As a Farmer or rancher you’re always looking for the best deals on high-quality products and materials for your properties. We understand your pricing concerns. And we want to reassure our customers in agriculture that we have their backs. We provide our customers with the strongest, most durable, and structurally sound agricultural buildings they will find anywhere in the nation. Ultimately, when you do business with us, we give you the highest quality, best-built steel agricultural buildings at affordable prices.

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Farm Buildings and Storage Sheds

Our barns are made of galvanized steel. There are three roof style options from which to choose: A-Frame, regular, and straight. Custom options can range from a fully enclosed barn, an enclosed and insulated barn, or a barn that’s partially open.

Loafing sheds are versatile structures that can serve a variety of purposes. Kick walls are useful if the shed is used as a shelter for livestock, or as a horse shelter that offers protection from the elements. It can also be useful for storing harvested hay or other grains that livestock eats.

Horse shelters or stalls are a lot like carports. Although they’re referred to as horse stalls or horse shelters, they’re not just for horses. These open structures are ideal for feeding animals, protecting them from the hot sun, or bad weather. They are also often used at county and state fairs; they’re even ideal for showing livestock that’s up for sale.