Gambrel Barns

Steel Gambrel Barns

Gambrel roofs are virtually synonymous with barns. Its roof shape is symmetrical with two slopes, the first of which is shallow, and the second steeper. Because of this, customers get lots of functionality at an affordable price. While Gambrel barns are less expensive than A-Frame barns, you don’t have to sacrifice construction quality for affordability.

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Barn Durability and Maintenance

  • The roof design encourages run off of snow, ice, rainwater, or debris.
  • A gambrel steel barn doesn’t require any of the laborious upkeep like wood requires. You won’t have to treat it, restain, and reseal the outside every few years.
  • The design stands up to any climate and all weather conditions.
  • You get a 20-year rust-through warranty when you opt for 12-gauge galvanized steel tubing.


  • A Gambrel barn has all the space you need to house livestock, including pigs, horses, or dairy cows.
  • It is an ideal place for storing hay, animal feed grain, farm or ranch equipment, and tools.
  • It can be used as a workshop.

If you’re thinking about buying a Gambrel barn, we start with the base design. From there, you can pick and choose the options that fulfill your needs. You can add windows, include one or more walk-in doors, or opt for roll-up doors. We can also insulate it so that you have a protected space for animals to rest at times when winter or other severe weather is at its worst.

The purchase price of a Gambrel roof barn includes delivery to your property and installing it there for you.

Free Delivery and Installation

We offer free delivery and installation, but you’ll have to prepare the ground at the installation site before we deliver your new steel building and prepare to install it. You’ll need to ensure that the ground is flat and level.